Information about 3 TROLLS


Greetings! the 3 TROLLS here, folks.

Welcome to our community marketplace that is dedicated to the service of gaming and offline hobbies we all deserve! Here you can read more about our system of properly rating the condition of the items you wish to trade on the platform and how it works.

Playing board games or role playing games is a hobby that usually takes some money, time and effort. The joy and happiness it brings to our life however, are totally worth it. The 3 TROLLS marketplace is the best way for you to spend less and play more. It enables you to easily sell and buy all the board games you need for your hobby while staying cost-efficient. So let us free up some space on the shelves, save some money and connect with each other only with few clicks!

Our venture the 3 TROLLS goes back to 2014 when we opened our first boardgame bar in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then we have had 3 locations in Sofia - The House of The 3 Trolls, The Dungeon of The 3 Trolls and The Bridge of The 3 Trolls. We've drunk a lot of beer and have played a lot of games. In 2020 due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 we closed our physical doors but opened our digital marketplace in order to continue serving our community and our passion - playing. 

Our mission has always been to bring niche hobbies like board games or role playing games to the wide audience. We believe that spending quality time with friends and family more often could make a great difference in our lives. We believe that games gather people together not only around the table, but also bring us closer to each other. That is why we aim to do what is possible to us and even beyond to improve that experience. 

3 TROLLS is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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